¡No comprendo! What do?

Oh boy.

I would eventually have to address the matter, as a substantial quota of blog visitors hails from either the UK or the US – not no mention other countries whose common language with me is English, most certainly.

A bit of history and context: O Coprófago (or: The Coprophage) started as a blog in 2011 featuring three very juvenile writers devoting themselves to fawning opinions on film, music and literature. However, time constraints and life itself took their toll on the communal project, and soon it would fade into a pleasant, dim memory of passed times. Some years later, however, there came an opportunity to expand the original vision on the local college radio, which two of them gladly took the chance on: and thus A Mosca (orThe Fly) was born, officially on the air since January 2014.

The first broadcast had a honest declaration of intent: the jingle borrowed Meredith Monk’s The Tale, and promises of eclectism and variety were set. The hour on the nightly slot at 2AM, Sunday to Monday, was pretty terrible for the wider audience — but then again, the wider audience probably wouldn’t care for the stuff we broadcast. The programme stayed on air for two years.

But, as it had happened earlier, time and other constraints tore the collaboration apart and the whole project is now a sole affair, kept alive still aligned with the defining foreword inscribed by our Paulo Rodrigues (here, translated and thus absolutely deprived of its innate beauty in the original Portuguese): “For to exist a believable reason for our earthly journey, it mostly shall have to do with the existence of Art and definite artistic expression; and thus, regarding pleasure and motivation, we consider ourselves hedonists, and since so far incapable of renouncing to the aforementioned doctrine, we decided for the creation of a project that should partake in our self-realization.”  

As of now, the blog hosts both the shows broadcasted on Rádio Lisboa (every fri-sat, at 00:00h) and other text articles relating to mostly cinema and music, even if we try to avoid being shortsighted regarding other arts, and broader topics. Almost all of the content is in Portuguese – which is far from being a widely spoken language – which hinders the total reach of the content. If, for any reason, you wish to understand a given post, or why two artists or concepts were tied together in the same article, please do leave a comment here or on the post. I’ll gladly reply as soon as possible.